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Tips To Be Less Frazzled: Finding Your OT Sweet Spot
Motivational Interviewing and OT
Flow and OT Burnout

Looking for down-to-earth and effective accountability or inspiration to get back in your flow?

For new coaching clients, we offer a complimentary 30 minute initial consult to see if it’s a good fit. Ongoing or spot coaching available for $120/hr session. Drop us a line to get the ball rolling.

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Tips for Home Health OT 

About Polish Your Light

Polish Your Light started out offering life coaching after Monika recognized how you (the occupational therapist) were searching for the “full” life experience that you were busting your hump to create for everyone else. She (yes, an OT also) loved bringing a practical, fun and results-oriented approach from an OT to the OT. Doesn’t matter if you teach, study, entrepreneur-ize, lead, advise, and/or clinically practice OT, you deserve bada** support to live your life to the fullest, too.

She then started writing for OTPotential.com after working as an OT for nearly 6 years. After spending time in outpatient, acute, inpatient rehab and SNFs as a local contract therapist in Nebraska, she found her clinical OT niche in home health. She started writing more when she realized there was a lack of resources that emphasized effective do-it-today strategies for the home health OT. She takes what helps in her own occupational therapy practice, and creates simple, potent content to help you, her fellow OT. She believes that as you develop unique strategies to ground and care for yourself while practicing as an OT, that your clients and practice (not to mention your life) naturally become more potent, clear and meaningful. So she writes to help support that as a vision for the world.